ASTE Technologies, from now on ASTE Tech, started business in 2000, under the name of A. Sotiriou Constructions”, and in 2018, ASTE Tech has been registered under this name and focusing its activities to Pyrolytic kilns. From then, remains under this name, with activities in thermal processing of any kind of wastes. ASTE Tech develops, engineers, manufactures, installs and maintains rotary pyrolytic incinerators, as well as stationary ones, under the name PyroRot and PyroStat. Today, ASTE Tech has installed 22 systems and there are 10 more systems to be installed in the near future, all of which for thermal treatment of industrial Wastes, Soil regeneration, Municipal Solid Wastes, WEEE and WtE applications. Our products are manufactured according to customer’s needs, are modular easily expanded, certified and conforming with National and EU Norms.  There is a close cooperation with Greek and international Institutions, for the development of advanced pyrolysis and gasification applications, as well as gas cleaning systems and energy production.


Our Technology

Rotary kilns Type “PyroRot” for solid and liquid waste

The rotary incineration kilns “PyroRot” are liquid proof and have been designed for the pyrolysis, gasification or combustion of all kind of wastes, and mainly of liquid wastes, e.g.  Urban wastes, Medical wastes, animal wastes, blood from slaughterhouses and wastes with high humidity level.

The stirring of the wastes inside the kiln, is achieved by the rotating of the horizontal chamber, which leads, firstly to the drying and secondly to the removal of the upper burned layer of the wastes, resulting in an easy and full pyrolysis /gasification or combustion of them.

The chambers are manufactured from construction steel plates, of 5mm thickness, with proper reinforcements.

The inner surfaces of the chambers are covered with special mixtures of refractory and insulating materials, which can withstand high temperatures and are part of the know-how of our company, after a decade of research.

The construction is of pedestal type and can be transported and installed easily.

The cylindrical shape of the kiln, ensures a long life of the refractory materials even at high and continuous temperatures

The advantages of these kilns are the following:

  • They can pyrolyse, gasify or incinerate quickly and effectively, all kind of wastes, with maximum liquid up to 100% - that is pure liquids – e.g. liquid waste, blood etc.​

  • The capability to adjust the gasification/incineration process, by adjusting all the parameters in the process, through a friendly User’s Interface, installed on a touch panel – a propriety of our company.

In the case of incineration, in the chimney, at the exit of the flue gases, there is a quick controllable cooling system, for reducing their temperature, before releasing them to the environment, for avoiding liquefaction and creation of harmful compounds.

All the gasification/incineration programs, are automatically controlled through PLC, which is located into the electrical control board. That ensures full gasification/incineration and at the same time, protection of the environment.


The rotary gasification/incineration kilns of “PyroRot” type are being used at hospitals, Urban Waste stations, slaughterhouses, rural industries, food industries etc., or for Waste Treatment purposes.

These – before mentioned- kilns can treat from 100-1800kg/h, with maximum liquid up to 100%. We can provide even bigger systems, upon customer’s request.


The pyrolytic gasification/incineration kilns of “PyroRot” type, have high efficiency in heat recovery, due to high temperature of the flue gases.

Depending on the quality and the quantity of the waste, we can provide the most suitable heat recovery system with the form of hot water, steam or superheated oil or Power generation system, based on Syngas production or direct electrical generation from flue gases thermal power.